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Release 1.5.13:
HotFix compatibility issue with older unity version.
All scenes updates

Release 1.5.12:

Hotfix Pursue Node.
Compatibility issues with older Unity Version.

Release 1.5.1:

– Add source code.
– Add namespace for all scripts AxlPlay => WARNING you need to add => using AxlPlay;

– Add Flee Enter , Resume NavMeshAgent.
– Add Flee hasArrived => easyAIBase.

– Fixed Evade Start.
– Fixed Evade Stopping Distance.
– Evade StateMachine is now public.
– Add Evade hasArrived => easyAIBase.

– All Debug.Log from AI Actions was comented now!
– Add Gizmos to Search Action.

– Fix Start setDestination.
– Fix Target Reachable.

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For PlayMaker 1.8 and above use
Easy AI/PlayMaker/easy_ai_playmaker.unitypackage

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