Easy AI Player Manager


Easy AI Player Manager is a visual editor to create your own player without code.

To use this:

Add to a gameobject the script Easy AI Player Manager.


Now you can see in the inspector some options, with these options you can create a custom player.

easy-ai-player-inspectorIf you click in a button it displays new options.

( GameObject )Player: The GameObject to convert to a player.

( GameObject )GameManager: The gameobject that receive the events sent by the player.

These events are:

public void GetEasyAIDamage(float damage) {
// do stuff

public void PlayerDeath() {

// do stuff

( float )Movement Speed: The movement speed of the player.

( float )Rotation Speed: The rotation speed of the player.

( Button )For Mobile: Is the player controlled by mobile controls?.

( Button )Can Jump: Can the player jump?.


  • ( float )JumpForce: The force of player jump
  • ( bool )JumpWithAnimation: Is needed apply force to the player to jump or the animation does all the work(root motion animations)
  • (Only For PC) KeyCode: The keycode that need to be pressed to jump

( Button )Pistol: The player will have a pistol and will can use it?


( Enum )BulletType: [Bullet] If you want to shoot a bullet. [Raycast] If you want to shoot a invisible bullet.

  • ( GameObject ) Pistol: The pistol model.
  • ( float ) Pistol Damage: The damage that a bullet applies.
  • [Showed if bullet type = bullet]( GameObject ) Bullet: The bullet model.
  • [Showed if bullet type = bullet]( float ) ShootForce: The force that will be applied to the bullet.
  • (LayerMask) ShootableMask: The layer of gameobjects that the player can apply damage.
  • (Only For PC) KeyCode: The keycode that need to be pressed to shoot.
  • ( float ) Time Between Shoots: The time that the player have to wait to can shoot.
  • Optional Variables
  • (ParticleSystem) Muzzle Effect: The particle effect played on shoot.
  • (Light) Shoot Light: The light that is turned on during a few time when shoot.
  • (AudioClip) Shoot Audio: The audio played when shoot:

( Button )Melee: The player can give melee attacks?


( GameObject ) MeleeWeapon: If you don’t drag any weapon the weapon will be the hands.

  • ( LayerMask ) HitableMask: The layer of gameObjects that can receive hits.
  • ( float ) MeleeDamage: The damage applied with melee attacks.
  • Keycode: The keycode that need to be pressed to give a melee attack.
  • ( float ) Time Between Melee Attacks: The time that the player need to wait to can attack.

( Button )Camera: Want you to configure a camera for your player?.


( Camera ) Camera: The camera that will be modified.

  • ( Button ) Camera Advanced Settings: Do you want to let Easy AI manage your camera settings or you want to configure it manually?easy-ai-player-inspector-highlighted-camera-advanced-settings
  1. ( float ) Distance: Distance from the camera to the target.
  2. ( float ) Max Distance: The max distance the camera can be from target.
  3. ( float ) Min Distance: The min distance the camera can be from target.
  4. ( float ) Zoom Speed: The speed the camera zooms in.
  5. ( float ) Target Height: The amount from the target object pivot the camera should look at.
  6. ( float ) Camera Rotation Speed: The speed at wich camera rotates.
  7. ( float ) Rotation Damping: How fast it should rotate to target angles.
  8. ( float ) Camera X Angle: The camera x euler angle.
  9. ( LayerMask ) LayerToTransparent: The layers that become invisible when they stand between the camera and the player.
  • Easy Settings:
  • ( Enum ) CameraType: [TopDown] The camera will be located on the player. ThirdPerson] The camera will be located backward the player.

Select the parameter for:

easy-ai-player-manager-select-parameter-forThe animation that will be played on it action

Walk (When the player is walking will be played the walk animation).

Idle (When the player is still will be played the idle animation).

Shoot (When the player is shooting will be played the shoot animation).

Jump (When the player is jumping will be played the jump animation).

Death (When the player is dead will be played the death animation).

Get Damage (When the player get a hit will be played the get damage animation).

( Button )Create: This will add the pistol to your player, the rigidbody and colliders if the player doesn’t have. (Important: Use this button after each change) 


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