UFPS Integration

how integrate with ufps


UFPS integration is extremely simple.

  1. Go to Assets/Easy AI For Playmaker/Add-On/UFPS and import UFPS.unitypackage.

2) Search for all the UFPS bullet and explosion prefabs in the project view and set RequireDamageHandler to Unity Message.


3) Ensure that the character that will receive the damage of the UFPS Character contains the script Take Damage


4) The action “Make Damage” will apply damage to the UFPS Character, you could use this action with “Shoot” and fire it the event “Playerhit” (Inside the action “Shoot”)

-take damage

Get the damage infringed for the UFPS Character

Name Of Variable That Receive The Damage

The name of the playmaker variable type float where it will assign the damage received.

Name Of Fsm

The name of the FSM where is the variable “Name Of Variable That Receive The Damage“.

Name Of Event That Run On Receive Damage

The name of the event that fire up when our character receive damage (infringed for an UFPS Character).TakeDamageScreenShot

-make damage

Infringe damage to the UFPS Character


The UFPS character to infringe damage


The amount of damage to infringe